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I Miss You Status Status in English : Do you need I Miss You Status Status in English for your]Whatsapp Facebook & Instagram. Theses are perfect I Miss You Status picture & images. Here we are sharing best list of the I Miss You Status  Messages, Quotes & captions for You. Here You can easily copy and paste these I Miss You Status message for your girlfriend & Romantic I Miss You Status Messages to your loved one & friends.

You can directly send these I Miss You Status Images whenever you are missing someone in your life. So share these status as much as You can. You know sending these status to your love will increase your bond.

I Miss You Status in EnglishI Miss you Status

  1. The Scariest Thing About Thinking About Someone So Much Is That You’ll Never Know Whether They Think About You At All.
  2. Sky Is Very High, But That Is Blue, I Am Missing Someone, That Is u And Only u.
  3. Standing Alone On The Terrace With Cool Breeze, Sky Full Of Stars And your Memories.
  4. There Are Moments In Life When You Miss Someone So Much That You Just Want To Pick Them From ur Dreams And Hug Them In Real.
  5. Some Memory Can Never Be Shared With Anne. Because They’re Un explainable.
  6. The Distance Between us Doesn’t Matter, Because In The End, I Know We’ll Both Be Happy In Each Others Arms. Forever.
  7. We Always Miss Someone Very Special In Life Only For 2 Reasons:- Either That Person Was Sometime With You Or You Always Wanted To Be With That Person.
  8. Time Goes By A Lot Slower When You Miss The One You Love.
  9. It’s Not Easy To Forget Everything About u When Everything Reminds Me Of You. Miss You.
  10. You Must Be A Good Runner Because You Are Always Running In My Mind.u Must Be A Good Thief Because u Have Stolen My Heart.And I M Always A Bad Shooter Because I Miss You Always.
  11. The Thought Of Being With You Tomorrow Gives Me The Strength To Go On Today.
  12. Nothing Feels Better Than A Surprise Text From That Person You Miss.
  13. You Are On My Mind And In My Heart. Miss You.
  14. Missing You Is Like Being Lost In A Black And White World; Everything Seems So Faded And Lonely.
  15. Missing Someone Is A Part Of Loving Them.If You are Never Apart Then you’ll Never Know How Strong your Love Really Is.
  16. Missing You Is A Very Small Word, The Extent Of Which Is Felt When The Winds Strike My Door And I Feel u Passing By.

Miss You Message for Love


  1. All I Can Do Every time I Miss You Is To Stare At your Pictures And Smile.
  2. I Am Not Sure What Life Could Bring.I Am Not Sure If Dreams Come True.I M Not Sure What Love Can Do But I M Very Sure About One Thing I Miss You
  3. In My Life.I Learned How 2 Smile.How 2 Laugh.How 2 Hard Work.How 2 Love.How 2 Cry.But I Never Learned How 2 Stop Missing You Missing You So Much Dear
  4. I Miss You When I’m Not With u. When I’m Not With u All I Do Is Think About u.When I Think About u I Just Want To Be With You. And When I’m With u It’s Like All Of My Dreams Have Come True. I Love You.
  5. I Love You More Than I Miss You. If u Put That In Numbers, u Will Need More Than Just A Computer.
  6. Being Near Is Not D Meaning Of Being Close, I May B Far From You But Msgs R Bridges 2 Make You Feel That I Always Remember You.
  7. Yesterday, I Ask You Out With My Friends Because, I Didn’t Know How To Approach You In The Right Way. Today My Heart Is Broken Because u Said No.
  8. Someone Remembers, Somebody Cares. your Name Is Whispered In Someone’?S Prayers. Keep The Bright Hope Of Sunshine In View. Someone Is Warmly Thinking Of You
  9. You May Be Out Of My Sight But Never Out Of My Mind. I Miss You So Much :-*
  10. When A Boy Says “I Miss You”, He Has Nothing Else To Do When Girl Says “I Miss You”, No One In This World Can Miss You More Than Her
  11. Memories Are Always Special sometimes, We Laugh By Remembering The Days We Cried; And Sometimes, We Cry By Remembering The Days We Laughed Missing You.
  12. It’s Hard To Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much To Remember.
  13. I Wish My Mind Was Like A Computer And That, With One Click On The Delete-button, I Could Erase u. Why The Hell I Miss You ?
  14. I Only Want You To Know That My Life Is Missing You
  15. When You Really Miss Someone, You Miss The Little Things The Most,Like Just Laughing Together.
  16. Truth Is I Miss You. All The Time, Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day.
  17. The Scariest Thing About Distance Is That You Don’t Know Whether They’ll Miss You Or Forget You.

Latest Miss You Status

  1. It’s Crazy How You Can Go Months Or Years Without Talking To Someone But They Still Cross your Mind Everyday.
  2. I Miss You A Little, A Little Too Much, A Little Too Often And A Little More Each Day.
  3. Distances Are NOT A Matter, When The Memories Are Sweet Special People Are Never Forgotten, because They Remain In ” Heart Beats” 🙂
  4. Have You Ever Wished That There Was A Fairy Godmother Standing Next To u Right Now, Waving Her Magic Wand, And Taking You To The Person You Miss The Most?
  5. They Learned Me That One Hours Equals 60 Minutes And That One Minute Equals 60 Seconds, But They Never Told Me That One Second Without You Can Last For Ever
  6. Gate Of Memories Will Never Close, How Much We Miss Our Friends Nobody Knows.Days Will Pass Like Years.We Will Remember The Memories In Silent Tears.
  7. Just Because u Make New Friends Does Not Mean You Have To Erase Old Ones.
  8. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.
  9. Yesterday I Caught Myself Smiling For No Reason. Then I Realized I Was Thinking Of You.
  10. The Person Who Really Loves You Sees What A Mess You Can Be, How Moody You Can Get, How Hard You Are To Handle. But Still Wants u In His/Her Life.
  11. I Always Knew That Looking Back On My Tears Would Someday Make Me Laugh, But I Never Knew That Looking Back On My Laughter Would Someday Make Me Cry Miss You
  12. Time Passes. Memories Fade. Feelings Change. People Leave. But Hearts Never Forget! Missing Some One.
  13. If You Miss Someone, That Means You are Lucky. It Means You Had Someone Special In your Life, Someone Worth Missing.
  14. Need An App That Flashes Their Name On your Phone The Moment They Miss You 🙂
  15. A Day Spent Away From You, Is As Good As A Day Not Worth Being Alive. I Miss You Girl.
  16. What Makes Some People Dearer Is Not Just The Happiness That We Feel When We Meet Them But The Emptiness We Feel When They Are Not Around us i Miss You.
  17. A Candle May Melt And Its Fire May Die, But The Love You Have Given Me Will Always Stay As A Flame In My Heart.
  18. Even When You Hang up, I Miss You Right Away. Even When We’re Texting, And I’m Waiting For your Reply, I’m Still Missing You. Miss You Even Now.

Meaningful Miss You Status

  1. When The Night Has Come And The Land’s Dark, When The Moon Is The Only Light We’ll See, Look At The Stars; Can u Count Them? I Miss You That Much.
  2. Just The Thought Of Being With u Tomorrow, Is Enough To Get Me Through Today.
  3. A Tear Fell When I Saw You In The Arms Of Someone, A Tear Fell When u Left Me All Alone In The Blue,A Tear Fell When u Said your Love Wasn’t For Me.I Didn’t Miss The Tear Drops But I Miss You.!
  4. I Get The Best Feelings In The World When You Say Hi To Me Or Even Smile, Because I Know For A Second I Crossed your Mind.
  5. I Am Incomplete Without You!
  6. M Sitting Here Thinking Of How Much I Enjoyed Our Last Moment Together And How Much I Can’t Wait until The Next. I Love And Miss You Very Much. Be Home Soon
  7. I Miss When We Were Close And Told Each Other Everything.
  8. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’m Counting The Days until I Can Finally See You.
  9. I Miss your Smile But I Miss My Own Even More.
  10. Don’t Make A Special Person Miss You Too Much. Try To Keep In Touch Because Missing Often Times Leads To, Forgetting.
  11. Give your Absence To your Loved Ones To Make Them Miss You So Much but Don’t Make It As A Habit because They Will Learn To Live Without You !
  12. If It Takes Till The End Of Time I Will Wait. I Miss You
  13. Everything Beautiful In The World Is Pointless Without u.
  14. Will u Smile If I Ask You To? Will You Come If I Call u? Will u understand If I M unable To Express? Will u Add A Too If I Say I Miss You?
  15. Sometimes, We Hate Being Bored. Because It Gives us A Lot Of Time To Think About The People We Miss. 🙁
  16. I Heard Someone Whisper Your Name, But When I Turned Around To See Who It Was, I Was Alone. Then I Realized That It Was My Heart Telling Me That I Miss You.
  17. I Miss You In Every Beats Of Heart, In Every Blink Of My Eyes, In Every Minute Of My Life And. In Every Moment Of The Day!
  18. Generally We Relive Our Memory Is Weak. But, When We Want To Forget Someone We Realize How Powerful Our Memory Is .
  19. Nothing Hurts More Then Waiting Since I Don’t Even Know What I’m Waiting For Anymore.

Miss You Status Ideas

  1. If Some Thing Happens And You Lose Me, Please Don’t Think That’s The End, Come And Find Again.
  2. I Think I Would Miss You Even If I’d Never Met You.
  3. Missing You Everyday And Every Moment So Much It’s Hard To Handle. But I’m Still Alive Thanks To My Great Best Friends!
  4. If Missing You Is A Sign You Are Falling In Love. I Miss You Endlessly.
  5. I Can Not Hold The Pain I Feel Inside My Heart And Soul that’s The Feeling Of your Presence When I Miss You.
  6. To Me You Are My Rose; Every Day When I See A Beautiful Rose I Think Of u, And Miss You, And Hope To Hold u In My Arms.
  7. Stay An Hour In My Heart A Minute In My Mind Or A Second In My Soul. Then u Will Know How It Feels When I Miss You.
  8. I Miss You So Much That You are  Always On My Mind. I Love You So Much That You are Always In My Heart.
  9. When you Are Missing Someone, Time Seems To Move Slower, And When I’m Falling In Love With Someone, Time Seems To Be Moving Faster.
  10. Life Is So Short, So Fast The Lone Hours Fly, We Ought To Be Together, You And I. Miss You So Much.
  11. Emptiness Isn’t Loneliness, It’s The Missing Of you.
  12. Cause I Love you And I Miss You, Hearing your Voice Is The Closest Thing To Touching u”
  13. Do You Know Why It Is Raining Today? Because My Heart Weeps With Longing For You, I Miss You More Than You Can Imagine! Kisses!
  14. Can You Feel Me When I Think About You? I Do. Miss You, My Sweetheart.
  15. Not Even The ugliest Monsters Can Scare Me As Much As I Feel Scared When I Am Away From you. I Miss You Baby.
  16. Today I Miss You, Yesterday I Missed u don’t Worry About Tomorrow, I Will Always Miss You, And That Is A Promise Miss You Forever
  17. Never Try To Find Anything unique Or Special In A Person, The Day You Lose That Person Forever – Will Be The Day u Realize That The Person Itself Was unique.
  18. The Scariest Thing About Distance Is That you Don’t Know Whether They Will Miss You Or Forget you.

Beautiful Miss You Message

  1. Someone Asked Me If I Missed You. I Didn’t Answer. I Just Closed My Eyes And Walked Away And Whispered ‘so Much’.
  2. I Did Three Things Today Miss You, Miss You, And Miss You.
  3. Where My Head Rests Isn’t Where My Thoughts Lay.
  4. Why Is It That When That Special Someone Is Far Away Times Goes So Slowly, But When They Are Here It Goes So Fast? That Is So Not Fair, I Want You Here Always!
  5. When Love Is Lost, It’s Not The Letting Go Of your Loved One That Will Hurt The Most It’s The Holding On To Them That Will Be Killing You.
  6. Missing Someone Is your Heart’s Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them.
  7. Missing You Isn’t The Problem, It’s Wondering If u’ll Ever Come Back That’s Killing Me.
  8. A Thousand Things In Between us: Low Battery, Busy Network, No Coverage, No Time, Heavy Work but Still When The Mobile Beeps, I Think Only Of You.
  9. Missing Someone Can Turn From Pain To Pleasure.Only When, We Get To Know They Were Missing Yous Too.
  10. I Miss You When You Are Not Near Me.I Long To Hear your Steps.That’s By Far The Sweetest Music My Ears Await Everyday.
  11. Every Moment We Don’t Talk Or Text Each Other Is A Precious Moment We Loose From Our Lives Sia!
  12. You So Easy To Be With And So Hard To Be Without. Always Missing You
  13. Memories Have A “Replay” Button By Default 🙂
  14. There’s No Special Reason For This Message i Just Wanna Steal A Single Moment Out Of Your Busy Life And Hope I Can Make u Smile And Say: I Miss You.
  15. 9 Lessons In Life: Learn To Care, Learn To Smile, Learn To Cry, Learn To Give, Learn To Forgive, Learn To Share, Learn To Trust, Learn To Love And Learn To Say You Miss Me.

Short Miss You Quotes


  1. Every Time When A Msg Comes, I Open Just Thinking Its You.When Its Not You, I Don’t Get Disappointed! Still I Enjoy That Moment Which Made Me Think Of You
  2. With The Start Of Each New Day, I Find Myself Thinking Of u.In The Middle Of My Busy Day, My Mind Wanders And I Think Of You.Out Of Nowhere I See your Smile, Hear your Laugh And I Think Of You.Life Is Beautiful Now Because I Fall In Love All Over Again Each Time I Think Of You.
  3. When Hearts Are Connected, Time And Distance Cannot Break Them Apart – No Matter What Missing You.
  4. I Am Sitting Here Thinking Of How Much I Enjoyed Our Last Moment Together And How Much I Can’t Wait until The Next. I Love And Miss You Very Much. Be Home Soon.
  5. Missing Someone Gets Easier Everyday Because Even Though You Are One Day Further From The Last Time You Saw Them, u Are One Day Closer To The Next Time u Will.
  6. I Miss You Are 3 Words But Take 3 Sec 2 Read, 3 Mins 2 Think, 3 Hrs 2 understand, 3 Days 2 Demonstrate, 3 Weeks 2 Explain And The Whole Life 2 Prove It.
  7. It’s Good To Miss Someone Sometimes, Even If It Hurts your Heart.
  8. The Pain Is Not On The Day Of Missing Our Dear Ones the Pain Is Really When You Live Without Them And With Their Presence In your Mind
  9. When You Are Gone The Pieces Of My Heart Are Missing You.
  10. Sometimes It’s Not About Missing Someone. Its Wondering If They’re Missing You.
  11. I Miss You In Every Beats Of Heart, In Every Blink Of My Eyes, In Every Second Of Time And in Every Moment Of The Day !
  12. Don’t Be upset Because You Miss Something From your Past, There Is Always A Reason Why It Didn’t Make It Into ur Future.
  13. I Text You First Because I Miss You. If I Don’t Text You, I’m Waiting For u To Miss Me.
  14. I Miss You So Much Because It’s Hard To Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much To Remember!
  15. Whenever I Miss You, I Just Hug My Pillow And Imagine Its You.
  16. My Dear, I Keep Thinking About u Nonstop. I Feel So Empty Inside, My Heart Aches And My Mind Seems To Be Going Wild. Oh, I Miss You So Much!
  17. Do You Think u R 1? That I Cant Live Without u.Well, If u Think That I Think About u So Much And I Miss You Always Then u R Absolutely Correct.
  18. When I Text u, It Means I Miss You. When I Don’t Text u It Means I’m Waiting For u To Miss Me.

Miss You Status in English

  1. When You Love Someone, You Miss Them More, Cry When Their Not There And Fear The Worst When You Haven’t Heard From Them.
  2. Nothing’s Changed no One Can Take your Place it Gets Harder Everyday I Miss You
  3. Spending Even One Day Without Seeing You Is Like Living A Life Without Feeling Happy. I Miss You.
  4. When I Miss you Put My Hand On My Heart because It’s The Only Place, I’m Sure That You are In.
  5. I Miss The Touch Of your Hand In Mine. Your Love Warms Me Like The Morning Sun Shine.I Miss Your Breath On My Ear As We Embrace.I Miss The Softness Of your Cheek When I Touch your Face.
  6. I Hate The Moment When I Think About u: I Feel Helpless, Cause I Love You!
  7. The Most Terrible Thing About Missing You Is That I Miss You More When I Try To Stop Missing You. I Miss You Darling.
  8. When I Miss You, Sometimes I Listen To Music Or Look At Pictures Of You, Not To Remind Me Of u But To Make Me Feel As If I’m With You. It Makes Me Forget The Distance And Capture u.
  9. Sometimes When I’m Sitting Here Thinking About You, I Wonder If you sre Also Sitting There Thinking about Me.
  10. I Miss Your Joy And Laughter, I Miss your Company, You Are An Inspiration To Me, You Are My Muse, My Mentor, I Miss your Smile.
  11. Whenever You Miss Someone.Look At The Sky.Although You Might Not See The Person There.But Feel Happy That u Two Are under The Same Sky.
  12. It’s True We Don’t Know What We’ve Got until Its Gone, But We Don’t Know What We’ve Been Missing You ntil It Arrives.
  13. When You are Not Here Something’s Missing; My Smile.
  14. Time N Distance Can Keep us Apart, But We R Always Heart To Heart, No Matter Its Night Or Day .You R Just A Thought Away.
  15. If Only You Knew How Much I Really Want u With Me. If u Only Knew.
  16. The Best Feeling In The World Is When You Think That Someone Forgot You And Suddenly You Receive A Message From That Person Saying “Hey I Am Missing You Yaar.”
  17. Remembering Is Easy For Those Who Have Brains; But Forgetting Is Hard For Those Who Have Heart Missing You.

Heart Touching Miss You Status

  1. Randomly Remembering Good Times And Smiling Like And Idiot.
  2. As Old Saying Claims: We Are What We Are Thinking About. As For Me, I`M Thinking Of You. What About You?
  3. Each Time I Miss You, A Star Falls Down From The Sky. So, If You Looked up At The Sky And Found It Dark With No Stars, It Is All your Fault. You Made Me Miss You Too Much!
  4. Today I M Feeling So Low As You Are Not With Me, I Miss You Every Moment Wherever I May Be I Miss You With Every Beat Of My Heart, No Doubt u Are The Only One Of Whom I Can Think About!
  5. I M Missing Someone A Ton And Don’t Know How To Make It Stop Or Get Over It Or Just Hold Out Hope. The Heart Wants What It Wants And I Can’t Change That.
  6. I Never Expect Other’s To Miss Me. But I Will Always Drop My Messages Into Their Inbox To Show: I Still “Miss” Them,With Or Without Their Response.
  7. It’s Better To Be Alone Rather Than Be With Someone Who Makes You Feel Like You are Alone
  8. Without You Every Day Is A Rainy Day. I Miss You!
  9. It Took A While To understand What Love Is, But It’ll Take Forever To Forget What It Was Like.
  10. I Miss How We used To Talk Every Minute Of Every Day And How I Was Able To Tell u Everything That Was On My Mind. I Miss Our Conversations.
  11. 7 Billions Peoples In The World But My Heart Loves Yew.
  12. Missing Someone Is The Kind Of Hurt A Heart Should Be Thankful To Feel.
  13. My Heart Is Bleeding, Only u Can Heal Me With your Kisses And Hugs! I Miss You, Come To Me Asap.
  14. Missing Someone So Much That You Re-read Old Text Conversations And Smile.

New Miss You Status in English

  1. Beautiful Time Isn’t Always Being In Touch For Each And Every Moment.But Beautiful Time Is Also Missing The Absence Of Each Other And Waiting To Meet Again.!
  2. Earth May Stop Rotating, Birds May Stop Flying, Candles May Stop Melting, Fishes May Stop Swimming, Heart May Stop Breathing, But I Will Never Stop Thinking About You
  3. Never Look For A Good Face, It’?Ll Turn Old One Day; Never Look For A Good Skin, It’?Ll Wrinkle One Day; But Look For A Loyal Heart, That’?Ll Miss You Every Day.
  4. I Searched In Google – Why Do I Miss My Husband So Much? Google Replied – Because He Misses You Too.
  5. I Wish You Were Here, But You are Not Here, You are There. And There Doesn’t Know How Lucky It Is.
  6. Missing You Can Turn From Pain To Pleasure If I Knew u Were Missing Me Too.
  7. Missing A Good Person In Life Is Equal To Cheating The Life By yourself. So Never Miss Any Good Person At Any Cost Till The End Of your Life. !
  8. Money Says Spend Me Not, Time Say Waste Me Not, Flower Says Touch Me Not, Study Says Leave Me Not, Sms Says Erase Me Not And I Say Forget Me Not Missing You Really.
  9. I Miss The Time When You Just Wanted To Spend Every Second Of your Life With Me.
  10. I Feel Miserable Without You, Boy, I Am Addicted To You And It Is The Most Pleasant Dependence In The World.
  11. Difficult To Tell That What Loving Is Like.Impossible To Tell What Missing Is Like.May You Never Miss Whom You Love And May Whom u Love Miss You Always.!.
  12. Just Always Remember That Even When We Are Apart I Will Be Missing You!
  13. Before I Sleep And After I Wake up And All The Hours In Between You Occupy My Mind. So, Practically Every Moment Of The Day You Are In My Thoughts. I Miss You.
  14. Walk Is Easy.But Walking Alone Is Tough.Being Loved By Some One Is Secure.But Loving Some One Is Insecure.Being Missed By Some One Is Nice.But To Miss Some One Is Painful.
  15. With You Around: I Smile A Little More Often; I Get Angry A Lot Less Times; The Sun Shines A Little Brighter; And Life Is A Lot Sweeter! I Cherish your Companionship And I Miss You.
  16. I Miss Our Conversations, I Miss How We used To Talk Every Minute Of Every Day And How I Was Able To Tell You Everything That Was On My Mind.

Miss You Status for Girlfriend

  1. I Eat T.V And Watch The Food.I Bake Books And Study Cakes.I Switch Off The Bed And Sleep On Fan.This Is The Condition When I Miss You
  2. Tears Don’t Come Wen You Miss A Person But They Come Wen You Don’t Want To Miss A Person.
  3. Tears Says Yes, Eyes Says No what To Do, Nothing Else Is Left because Missing You Is No Less Than Taking Breath.
  4. Just Because Two People Argue, It Does Not Mean They Don’t Love Each Other. And Just Because They Don’t Argue, It Does Not Mean They Do.
  5. If Missing You Is A Sign u Are Falling In Love.I Miss You Endlessly.
  6. Whenever I Miss You, Stars Fall Down From The Sky.So Any Day If You Find The Sky Empty, Don’t Blame Me! It’s All your Fault; u Made Me Miss You So !
  7. Value Of Relation Is Not That How Much You Feel Happy With Some One . .But It Is That How Much Some One Feels Alone Without You!
  8. Find Some One Who Isn’t Afraid To Say They Miss You Some One Who’s Biggest Fear Is Losing u Even After You are Already Gone.Some One Who Gives Their Heart Completely.Some One Who Loves u unconditionally.Good Night And Miss You!
  9. I Miss You A Lot Baby And Don’t Worry. I’ll Wait No Matter How Long It Takes For You To Make up your Mind.
  10. When Ever I Feel That I Miss You, I Close My Eyes.I Feel That You Sit Beside Me, I Won’t Open My Eyes because Of The Fear That You May Come Out In My Tears. !
  11. Sometimes, I Sit And Think Of All The Memories I’ve Made And Smile. Then I Smile Even More At The Thought Of Memories Yet To Be Made.
  12. Missing you Not The Hard Part . But knowing That I Once Had u Is What Breaks My Heart .
  13. Missing Someone And Not Being Able To See Them Is The Worst Feeling Ever.
  14. When The Sky Looks Blue ‘i Miss You’?.When The Dreams Come True ‘i Miss You’?.When The Flowers Covered With Dew ‘i Miss You’?.When The Day Comes New ‘i Miss You’?

Trending Miss You Status

  1. I Wish I Could Sleep As I used To, I Wish I Could Dream As I used To. I Am Spending Sleepless Nights And Lifeless Days Without You. Missing You.
  2. The Only Way u’ll Realize How Broken I Am Without You. Is To Put Your Hand On My Heart And Feel It Limping Along In Pain. I Miss You.
  3. I Miss You, Not The I Haven’t Seen You In A While Kind Of Miss You, But The I Wish u Were Here At This Very Moment Kind Of Miss You.
  4. Love Is Missing Someone Whenever You are Apart, But Somehow Feeling Warm Inside Because You are Close In Heart.
  5. If Tears Can Prove The Depth Of Love, I Can Fill A Sea For You.
  6. I Wish You Were Here, But You are Not, You are There. There Doesn’t Know How Lucky It Is.
  7. under The Sea, There Lays A Rock in The Rock, There Is An Envelope in The Envelope, There Is A Paper on The Paper, There Are 3 Words ‘i Miss You’
  8. I Still Miss Him, I Miss Him, I’m Missing Him.
  9. Sometimes I Wish That I Could Have Said I Love You One More Time Before You Left From My Life. I Really Miss You! 🙂
  10. When You are Away, I Miss You Like A Calm Stream Misses A Gentle Breeze.
  11. Behind My Smile Is Everything u’ll Never understand.
  12. People Live, People Die; People Laugh, P
  13. After A Year Of Having To Live Without u, I’ve Realized I Lost Me When I Lost You; I Miss You.
  14. I Like , I Love , I Yearn For , I Think I Am Missing You.
  15. Every Minute I Spend With You Is Like Being In Heaven And Looking In An Angel’s Eyes.
  16. Have Been Trying Really Hard Not To Think Of You! It’s Not Working.
  17. I Don’t Miss You And You Alone; I Miss You And Me Together.

Best Miss You Quotes

  1. Until God Closes My Eyes, I Can’t Imagine Life Without You. Miss You.
  2. I Am Waiting And Hoping And Wishing for The Time, When We Can Be Together Again!
  3. Sometimes Its Not Just About Missing Someone, Its Wondering If They Are Missing You Too.
  4. I Pretend That I Don’t Care, But It Makes Me Miss You More.
  5. Sometimes When I’m Sitting Here Thinking About u, I Wonder If You are Also Sitting.
  6. Memories Behave In A Crazy Way.They Leave You Alone, When u Are In A Crowd. And When u Are Alone, They Stand With u Like A Crowd.
  7. You May Be Out Of My Sight. But Never Out Of My Mind.
  8. Some Things Are Left undone, Some Words Are Left unsaid, Some Feelings Are Left unexpressed, But Someone As Sweet As u Could Never Be Left unmissed.
  9. Losing Someone Is Not Something u Ever Get Over.
  10. Missing You Is Not The Hard Part But Knowing That I Once Had You Is What Breaks My Heart.
  11. I Miss You More Than The Sun Misses The Sky At Night.
  12. I Wish I Could Be With u Wherever u Are And Wherever You Go Everyday. Just So I Wouldn’t Have To Miss You So.

Miss You Status for Boyfriend

  1. Tonight I Resign Myself To Missing You For I Know I Have The Rest Of My Life To Wake up Next To You.
  2. Good Time, Bad Time, Day Time, Work Time, Off Time, Night Time, Happy Time, Sad Time, Sleep Time, In The Mean Time, I Miss You All The Time.
  3. I Don’t Miss Him, I Miss Who I Thought He Was.
  4. Never Long For Anne From The Past. There Is A Reason Why They Never Made It To your Future.
  5. I Wake up Wanting To Talk To You, I Go To Sleep Thinking About You, And I Dream About u Holding Me The Way Only u Do. I Miss You.
  6. My Heart Never Gets Tired Remembering Special People Who Live In My Heart Like You
  7. My Heart Says That You Like Me, My Eyes Says That You Feel Something For Me, My Mind Says That u Think Of Me, But Till Now You Are Quiet.
  8. Don’t Forget Me, Forget Me Never.When You Forget Me, Then Forget Me For Ever.
  9. Sometimes, Not Remembering May Be The Better.
  10. I Would Cross A Thousand Oceans Just To Hold You Tight.I Would Climb A Thousand Mountains Just To Be With u Every Single Night.Darling I Miss You So Much.
  11. Love Reckons Hours For Months, And Days For Years; And Every Little Absence Is An Age.
  12. Sometimes Its Not Only The Bad Memories That Makes u Sad, But Also The Best Ones Which You Know Will Not Happen For The Second Time.
  13. If I Knew Missing You Was Going To Be A Part Of My Life, I Never Would Have Let You In.
  14. Miss The One Who Is Ready To Miss Anything For You.
  15. In My Life I Learnt How 2 Love, 2 Smile, 2 Be Faithful, 2 Forgive, But I Couldn’t Learn How 2 Stop Remembering you.!Miss You
  16. I Keep Myself Busy With Things To Do, But Every time I Pause, I Still Think Of You.

Whatsapp Miss You Status

  1. Miss You So Much That Doesn’t Want To Talk To You Because It Will Make Me Miss You Even More!
  2. I Feel Bad When You Miss Me, I Feel Sad When You Don’t.
  3. Sometimes Missing Gives Sweet Feeling Than Remembering, because We Can Remember Many But.We Miss Only The One We Never Want To Lose.
  4. True Love Does Not Have A Happy Ending, Because True Love Never Ends.
  5. I’m Not Gonna Miss You, I’m Just Going To Wait Till u Realize your Mistake.
  6. A Lonely Tear Is Set Out Free, I’m Sitting Alone For All To See; u R Far Away, How Can It Be? My Heart Cries Out,’? Come Back To Me’?
  7. When I Miss You, I Don’t Have To Go Far I Just Have To Look Inside My Heart Because That’s Where I’ll Find You.
  8. Sometimes It’s Not The Person You Miss. It’s The Feeling You Had When You Were With Him/Her.
  9. You May Find Someone Better Than Me, Important Than Me, Dearer Than Me, But Not The 1 Who Miss You More Than Me.
  10. Every time My Phone Vibrates, I Hope Its You
  11. Reading Old Messages Then Realizing How Much u Actually Miss That One Person :'(
  12. I Will Always Care For u, Even We’re Not Together And Even We’re Far, Far Away From Each Other.Love You And Miss You
  13. I Miss You Doesn’t Always Mean I Want You Back, Some Times It Only Means u Crossed My Mind And I Hope You are Doing Fine
  14. Good Time, Bad Time, Night Time, Day Time, Work Time, Off Time, Sad Time, Happy Time, In The Mean Time I’m Thinking Of You All The Time.
  15. There’s Nothing I Will Miss More Than The Short Time I Spent With You.

Ultimate Miss You Status

  1. When You Touched My Hand For The First Time, I Wanted Nothing More Than To Hold It Forever
  2. When Daylight Turns To A Darkened Hue, The Lovely Stars Hinting At you, your Heart Beat Tells You Something True, That Some 1 Is Badly Missing You
  3. It’s Better To Just Quietly Miss Someone Rather than Letting Them Know And Get No Response!
  4. I Don’t Want You To Know, So I Try To Be Strong. I Don’t Want u To Think That Without u, I Can’t Go On. But That’s How It Is, And That’s How It Will Be, Because, Baby, I Love u, I Need u, I Miss You, And Without u, There’s Just No Me.
  5. Eight Letters, Three Words, One Regret. I Miss You.
  6. When I Miss You. I Read your Old Messages :’)
  7. There’s No Special Reason For This Msg, I Just Wanna Steal A Single Moment Out Of your Busy Life And Hope I Can Make u Smile N Say: I Miss You.
  8. Sometimes, When One Person Is Missing, The Whole World Seems Depopulated.
  9. If You Can’t Get Someone Out Of your Head, Maybe They Are Supposed To Be There.
  10. Missing You Is My Habit And I Can’t Change My Habit. I Really Miss You Every Day And Every Night.You Are Always In My Thought.Don’t Know How Can I Forget You, That Is Impossible For Me To Forget u.Just To Say u I Love u, No Matter u Are Mine Or Not.I Am Only Saying That I Am Always yours. I Miss You Even When I Take Breath.
  11. I Keep Myself Busy With The Things I Do But Every Time I Pause, I Still Think Of You.
  12. Pass Someone By For What u Think They Aren’t, And u’ll Miss Out On The Amazing Person They Are.
  13. I Don’t Want To Dream Of u Anymore. I Want u For Real.
  14. Memory Is A Way Of Holding Onto The Things u Love, The Things You Are, The Things u Never Want To Lose.!
  15. Before I Sleep And After I Wake up And All The Hours In Between . You Occupy My Mind. So, Practically Every Moment Of The Day You Are In My Thoughts. I Miss You.
  16. My Frequency Of Messaging May Be Less But The Time Period I Remember You Is More That’s Why Science Says: ‘frequency Is Inversely Proportional To Time’? (=
  17. I Never Expect Other’s 2 Miss Me But I Will Always Drop My Msgs Into Their Inbox To Show: I Still Love And Remember Them, With Or Without Their Love.

Romantic Miss You Status

  1. I Miss You With: Every Beat Of My Heart; Every Blink Of My Eyes; Every Passage Of Time; And Every Moment Of The Day.
  2. No Matter How Mature We Are, There’s Always A Childish Side Of us That Comes Out Of us When We Are In Love.
  3. I’m Waiting,Hoping And Wishing For The Time When We Can Be Together Again. I Miss You So Much.
  4. Why Does Time Move So Fast When We’re Together, And So Damn Slow When We’re Apart.
  5. Even In The Most Wonderful Weather, I’m Suffocating Without u. Save Me, My Love.
  6. If I Would Get A Rose For Every Time I Think Of u, I Would Spend Everyday In A Rose Garden.Thinking Of You
  7. I Remember How Much u Hurt Me Saying i Am Fine Alone but Why Does My Stupid Heart Miss You ! Why Do I Need That Hurt To Feel Alive
  8. It’s Normal To Miss Someone When You are Alone And Lonely. But Missing Someone When You are Busy Having Fun, That’s True Affection.
  9. I Knew That Looking Back On The Tears Would Make Me Laugh But I Never Knew That Looking Back On The Laughs Would Bring Tears.
  10. When The Night Has Come And The Land’s Dark, When The Moon Is The Only Light We’ll See, Look At The Stars, Can You Count Them? I Miss You That Much.
  11. I Miss You Like The Sun Misses The Flowers, Like The Sun Misses The Flowers In The Depths Of Winter, Instead Of Beauty To Direct It’s Light To, The Heart Hardens Like The Frozen World Which your Absence Has Banished Me To.
  12. When I Listen To My Heart, It Whisper your Name.
  13. When I Message You It Means That I Am Missing You And When I Don’t Message u It Means That I Want u To Message Me
  14. You Make Me Feel Whole. When You are Not Around, I Feel Like A Part Of Me Is Missing.
  15. Usually I Am Fine but My Heartbeat Tells Me That My Heart Misses You.
  16. Sometimes Words Are Hard To Find to Form That Perfect Sentence, To Let You Know You are Always On My Mind.
  17. Missing Someone Is Not Just The Feeling, It’s Also A Reminder That One Might Be Far But One Is Not Away From The Heart! Miss You, Dear.
  18. YoYou are The Main Reason That I Stay up All Night Thinking About, Coming up With Cute Things That I Wish Could Happen.
  19. Do u Know What Text Message Beeps, Doorbells And Phone Call Rings Have In Common? Every One Of Them Makes Me Think That It Is You. I Miss You.


Cute Miss You Status

  1. If Every Drop Of Rain Was A Thought Of You, I’d Have Every Storming Cloud In The The World Inside My Head And I’d Still Miss You.
  2. God Has Given us 24 Hours To Spend A Day, 8 Hours To Sleep, 8 Hours To Work And 8 Hours To Spend Time With Our Family But I Spend 24 Hours Thinking Of u
  3. One More Day Without u Is One More Day Closer To Being With You.
  4. As Days Go By My Feelings Get Stronger, To B In ur Arms I Can’t Wait Any Longer. Look Into My Eyes And you’ll See That It’s True, Day And Night My Thought R Of You.
  5. Distance Never Separates Two Hearts That Really Care, For Our Memories Span The Miles And In Seconds We Are There. But Whenever I Start Feeling Sad, Because I Miss You, I Remind Myself How Lucky I Am To Have Someone So Special To Miss.
  6. Remembering Is Easy For Those Who Have Brains. But Forgetting Is Hard For Those Who Have Heart.
  7. Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much.
  8. I Keep Myself Busy With The Things I Have To Do . But Every Time I Pause , I Still End up Thinking Of u! 🙁
  9. I Miss Your Cuddles.I Miss your Kisses But Most Of All I Miss You ! The Love I Have Will Never Change As Each Day Goes By.I Will Love u Till The Day I Die.
  10. In The Flower My Rose Is You.In The Jewel My Diamond Is You.In The Sky My Moon Is u.I Am Body My Heart Is u.That’s Why I Always Miss You.
  11. You Have No Idea How Much your ‘i Miss You’ Means To Me.
  12. I Realized That I Was Missing Something Turns Out It Was You.
  13. I’m Tired Of Missing You, I Just Want u Right Here By My Side.
  14. It’s Hard To Say Hello Because It Might Be Goodbye.It’s Hard To Say I’m Okay Because Sometimes I’m Not. But It’s Easy To Say I Miss You because I Know That I Really Do.
  15. Our Beautiful Memories Will Never Fade Away, But That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Create More. I Miss You.
  16. If You Think Missing Me Is Hard, You Should Try Missing You.

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